• Domestic Animal Spray - Mange Flea Tick Treatment

    DAS (Domestic Animal Spray) is a ready-to-use, all natural and highly versatile solution designed to control insects and parasites commonly found on pets and livestock. Safe for your family and the environment, DAS eliminates and repels fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, flies, mites, gnats, ear mites and dozens of other biting insects. DAS can be used as a bath, spray or dip. Ideal for use in stables, barns and kennels to reduce flying insects, DAS can also be used to treat mange, hot spots and other animal skin disorders.

    Safe, natural alternative to flea collars and chemical drops
    Made from 100% natural ingredients
    Safe for children and pets
    Ready-to-use solution
    Spray bottle included
    Intended for Animals and Outdoor areas
    Helps eliminate mange, hot spots and other animal skin disorders
    Use as a bath, dip or spray