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Pet Pack
  • Pet Pack

    Treat. Bathe. Prevent. Our Pet Package is specifically designed to meet the needs of pet-owners looking to protect their cats, dogs or even horses from fleas, ticks, flies and other biting insects. Like all Cedarcide products, this kit is non-toxic and safe for your family, pets and the environment.

    Safe for pets of many shapes and sizes
    Safe alternative to flea collars and chemical drops
    Helps repels fleas, ticks, flies, chiggers, mosquitoes, and other pests
    Made from 100% natural ingredients
    Vet’s Choice helps treat mange, hot spots and other animal skin disorders
    • Details

      The Pet Package comes in three sizes: Small is ideal for homes with indoor or outdoor cats and small dog breeds; Medium is ideal for homes with multiple small dogs and cats, or for a single medium sized dog. For homes with large dogs, multiple medium-sized dogs or even livestock, we suggest our Large size Pet Package.

      The Pet Package includes:

      Small: 4oz of Cedar suds, 4oz of Cedarcide Original and 4oz of Vet’s Choice

      Medium: includes: 1 pint of Cedar suds, 1 pint of Cedarcide Original and 4oz of Vet’s Choice

      Large: includes: 1 quart of Cedar suds, 1 quart of Cedarcide Original, 2 4oz Vet’s Choice and 1 gallon of PetSafe.
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