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Frequently Asked Questions









Are deposits or payments refundable?

All deposits including additional payments made towards the purchase of a Superior K9 are NONREFUNDABLE.

We understand that circumstances come about that interfere with the timing of a particular litter or trained dog, in that case, your deposit made toward a Superior K9 may be transferred to a different litter or dog within one year.




At what age should you start training your puppy with Superior K9?

You should begin training your new puppy at 10 weeks. From birth to five months is the most critical learning period for your puppy.






When can I bring my puppy home?

7 to 8 weeks






Should I crate train my puppy?

Yes, ABSOLUTELY! Crate training is the most effective training tool you can use for house training and for providing your puppy with a safe, secure place to learn to settle and not develop separation anxiety. 




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