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Missy Schmidt

Owner/Master K-9 Instructor


Missy Schmidt has owned and operated Superior K9 since 1993 with the mission of producing the total German Shepherd Dog and helping handlers & dogs excel in all areas of training. Concerning her qualifications, Missy is a Master K9 Instructor, CGC Evaluator, Breed Warden, and has acquired 25 years of experience in breeding and training German Shepherd Dogs. In addition, Missy is a Deputy Sheriff and K9 handler on JRT Task Force team, on which she has earned numerous awards for her performance in Law Enforcement and K9 handling. Towards the beginning of her career, Missy trained in the sport of Schutzhund and owned Aceofnike van het Bleekhof— a dog who won multiple IPO National Championships, was a 4 X WUSV World Team Member, and the WUSV Vice Sieger in 2008. She strives to unlock the full potential in human and canine companionship. Whether it be equipping you with exceptional training, hand selecting a puppy for your family, or providing a fully trained dog, Missy is ready to help!

Alec Schmidt
Assistant K-9 Trainer


Alec Schmidt has professionally trained and handled dogs for Superior K9 since 2010. As the son of Master K9 Instructor and owner of Superior K9, Missy Schmidt, Alec has extensive experience training various dog breeds in obedience, protection, service work, and scent detection. Alec has utilized his experience to provide qualified canines to families, service dog handlers, Schutzhund competitors, police K9 units, U.S. border patrol, and film productions. At Superior K9, Alec primarily manages board training programs and conducts private instruction classes. He specializes in foundational AKC and Schutzhund obedience, and at 16-years-old, Alec acquired his first Schutzhund title. With a passion to create mutually beneficial relationships between handlers and their canines, Alec seeks to equip handlers with the knowledge and skills required to achieve their training goals.

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Ashley Deaver

Assistant K-9 Trainer


Ashley Deaver has been training dogs since she began working with Superior K9 in 2010. Ashley has handled and helped train dogs for obedience, Personal Protection, and narcotic detection. She currently owns Zuko, a German Shepherd from Superior K9’s own breeding program, and Bear, a Shepherd mix rescued from a local shelter (pictured left). Bear has earned his AKC Puppy Star Award and has been trained for intermediate obedience. Ashley is currently training Zuko for narcotic detection as well as Personal Protection.

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Courtney Peplin

Assistant K-9 Trainer & Photographer


Courtney Peplin has been training and working with dogs since 2005. Her immersion into the dog training world really kicked off with the adoption of her Siberian Husky mix, "Mango", which Courtney has trained for advanced obedience and agility. Mango is a certified Therapy dog, as well as a titled agility dog. As a 7th grader in 2008, Courtney started her own dog business, WonderWoof Pet Services, where she currently offers dog boarding, grooming, training, & demos and serves around 350 clients. Courtney also owns a German Shepherd named Kora, who is a daughter of 2015 WUSV World Champion Iron von den Wölfen. Courtney is training Kora for IPO and agility.


Winona Zikora von Wendelin IGP3 IPO1 BH FO CGCA CGC

Picture coming soon.

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